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sea dog logo - imageAll Sea Dogs hear the call of the sea. It's just a matter of time before you have to plan your next adventure! The Paddle Board Coaches at Sea Dog Paddle LLC  are getting the plan together for you. Where you say? Wait for it.....

Fiji! Yes. We said Fiji!

Go big or go home is the standard call out for most salty dog pirates.  In a travel article the Huffington Post asked "Why Fiji?" And their response was, "The only thing you should be asking yourself when you’re not in Fiji is Why am I not in Fiji?"  It's one of the happiest places in the world. That sounds like my kind of vacation.  Read more on our Destination Fiji page - click here.


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Paddle Board Adventures

Stand Up Paddle Board Adventure Tours and Vacations to beautiful, lush locations around the world. From the shores of the USA to other exotic destinations. Our Paddle Board Instructor Guides will lead the way.

Fiji Paddle Tour 2018

Enjoy a private paradise eco-resort in Fiji. You will have professional Paddle Board guides with paddle activities every day, a sailing captain and yacht for a day plus dive and snorkle tours, a waterfall tour and more.

The 2019 SUP Tour

Like all good pirates we have a plan.  It’s a secret and if we tell you, well then you know what happens next. At Sea Dog Paddle LLC we are open to Parlay with you and welcome suggestions about future trip destinations.

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Let’s Talk About Your Trip to Fiji

Join us for a stand up paddle board vacation tour at Vacala By Resort on Taveuni, one of the most beautiful and diverse island of all the 333 islands of the Fiji archipelago, known as the Garden island of Fiji.  Gorgeous beaches, private islands, exquisite waterfalls, dense forests, and it’s unique birds and flowers that exist no where else on earth.

5 Start Eco Powered Resort Villa

Vacala Bay Eco Resort was carefully planned and designed from the ground up to prove that ecological sustainability can be achieved and unique local materials can be used to create a magical sense of place – Taveuni, the Garden Island of Fiji.  Stay at this breathtaking resort. Your own private paradise.

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Contact one of our WPA Instructors and PaddleFit Certified Coaches about booking your tour. Call Sheree at 231-335-7278. For more contact details visit our Contact page.

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