Introducing Sea Dog Paddle LLC

sea dog logo - imageAll dogs go to sea. Well maybe not, but the salty ones do.  According to Google Definitions, a sea dog is an old or experienced sailor or a mythical beast. The owners of Sea Dog Paddle LLC and sister company Sea Dog Eco Tours have years of sailing and ocean-going experience between them.  They also have taken to the other silent water sport of paddling.

We are pleased to introduce you to our instructors and guides. Sheree Lincoln along with Michael Capuzzi,  are the owners of Sea Dog Paddle LLC .  The home office is in Pompano Beach Florida however our business is about paddle board adventures so you will find us out on the water when ever we can.

Our Coaches and Instructors are well trained and experienced in paddle boarding. Sheree Lincoln and Michael Capuzzi are both certified PaddleFit Coaches as well as World Paddle Assocation (WPA) certified instructors with CPR/AED certifications as well. They are ready to paddle in warm, exotic waters or on the icy waters when an opportunity presents itself. Richard Lincoln is co-owner of a Northern Michigan Kayak & Paddle Board Adventure company, along with his wife Sheree as well as wood boat builder and sailor.

sea dog
ˈsē ˌdôɡ/
noun: sea dog; plural noun: sea dogs; noun: seadog; plural noun: seadogs
  1. 1.
    an old or experienced sailor.
  2. 2.
    a mythical beast like a dog with fins, webbed feet, and a scaly tail.

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