Yo Ho Ho!

We are getting ready to weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen for our Fiji Stand Up Paddle Board Adventure. This page is where you will eventually be able to deposit your Doubloons and Pieces of Eight to hold your spot on the ship as it were.  We have posted our bond and are waiting on our traveling papers before we take any money so as to avoid walking the plank!  What we can do is take your name and reserve your bunk! No gold needs to change hands yet!

Blimey, let’s splice the mainbrace, let’s celebrate and give the crew a drink!

We swear you will be able to use the handy online deposit and booking system soon. It is subject to convenience fees, or you will be able to send a wire, use Zelle, Pay Pal and all manner of conveyance.  You will be able to simply snail mail a check! In the mean time make your reservation. Deadline is September 20th or we will all be walking the plank!

Book online now!